Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Art and Food - 2 in 1

Well it's been a while and there's so much to talk about. Unfortunately, with a full time job, school, family and friends and of course "caking" (yes, I use it as a verb, forgive me Mr. Thesaurus) time is a luxury. But i haven't forgotten my promise to share. There have been many many cakes baked, fillings whipped and  different mediums to create flowers, fruits and pretty much anything imaginable. One of my favorite things was creating a pâte à cornet (the design part of the cake) on a Jaconde sponge cake. By using a stencil you can create virtually any design, pattern or letters. A thin layer of sponge cake batter is then poured on top of your design and leveled off with an off-set spatula. After baking for a few, the end product is a delicious sponge cake that is then placed in a ring mold and filled with filling of your choice. In this case we went for several mousse flavors. We then topped off with edible flowers, what  great center piece!!! Although I wasn't crazy about eating the flowers.

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