Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuition - CHECK (as in checkmark)

Never in a million years did I think that paying for tuition would be this easy! I applied online, I got a call several days later to go over my application and within 15 -20 mins I was approved!!!
Now that I'm over the shock, I'm shaking in my you know what. This is really going to happen.
Although I hate debt almost as much as I hate the dentist,  the end certainly justifies the means (11% interest and all) The dream is within reach...
I better be making lots of yummy cakes to pay this sucker off early.
Next stop - FCI tour, details coming

Peace, love and cake!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Where's the MULA?

Well trying to take care of some minor details concerning school such as how I'm gonna pay for it!
Things that make you go hummmmmmm. Perhaps borrow from my closest friends? Nah, never mix business and friendship. Buy lottery tickets? Sure, but what are the odds? Someone suggested I borrow against my 401K so I'm looking into that, but when all else fails you get a loan aaarrrggghhhhhh.
So it seems SallieMae is the only FCI provider for private student loans. Filled my application and waiting to hear back, cross your fingers everyone!
If not, there's always Dalilahs. I bet I can make some good tips at the bar. Just kidding. No I'm not! No, really, just kidding.
Peace out friends!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Beginning

Okay guys, so after talking to French Culinary Institute staff many times and having emailed Financial Aid  (several times also)  I've just submitted my application to FCI and payed the application fee of $100.00, so here we go!!!!
How and where will I get the $$$ to pay for this course? Still working on it...
How will I get to NYC from Philadelphia 3X a week? Still working on it...
How will I manage work, school and my personal life...yes, you guessed, still working on it!
All I know is that I won't be one of those sad people laying on their death beds wishing they'd gone to FCI...or somewhere else ;-)
Will be touring FCI soon, I'll keep you all posted.

PS - promise this blog will be less about me and more about cake decorating as soon as I get started. Would hate to sound all!