Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Magic of Modélisme de Chocolate or in english Modeling Chocoloate! only is it delicious to eat but so very versatile when it comes to cake decorating! During this class we learned how to work with white modeling chocolate. Now I'm sure most of you have seen the cake shows on TV where modeling chocolate is used to make figurines as cake toppers and decorations. But today we learned another application that can dramatically change the look and feel of your cake: panels! The great thing about this medium is that it's pliable, it doesn't dry up immediately and is very forgiving if you make a mistake ;-)
Just as an FYI, modeling chocolate is easy to make (chocolate plus corn syrup), so if you're working on small projects, save yourself some money and make it yourself. Make sure to wrap tightly any left over and refrigerate for later use.
So basically, paneling allows you to create exactly that, a panel to cover your masked cake. The 4 techniques that we applied were:
  • Marbling - creating patterns of different colors for that "POW" effect (yes i said pow as in batman)
  • Embossing - by using a stencil and a thin coat of buttercream you can create delicate, whimsical designs on your cake
  • 2 Dimension - this technique allows you to create designs that have 2 dimensions as well as create backgrounds (see photo, hard to explain)
  • Splash - If there was ever a better technique for a Nemo cake i don't know of it. Lots of fun and again, a medium that gives you extra time without drying out. Soooo much fun!!!


  1. Wow! These are amazing! With the panel with the flower, did you cut the shapes out of the panel once set, or did you have a mould?

    1. Hi Carrie! Sorry for the delayed response, I don't always get notifications. The modeling chocolate is really pliable for a long time. The shapes of flower and circles were cut using piping tips and a flower cutter. Then creating texture by adding an organic flower in the cut out. Pretty simple with a nice result and really with so many possibilities.

  2. Haces unas tartas preciosas!!!
    Un abrazo!

    1. Gracias! Este blog es viejo de cuando estaba en escuela culinaria. Hace mucho qu no escribo porque uso my pagina de Facebook.