Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Beginning

Okay guys, so after talking to French Culinary Institute staff many times and having emailed Financial Aid  (several times also)  I've just submitted my application to FCI and payed the application fee of $100.00, so here we go!!!!
How and where will I get the $$$ to pay for this course? Still working on it...
How will I get to NYC from Philadelphia 3X a week? Still working on it...
How will I manage work, school and my personal life...yes, you guessed, still working on it!
All I know is that I won't be one of those sad people laying on their death beds wishing they'd gone to FCI...or somewhere else ;-)
Will be touring FCI soon, I'll keep you all posted.

PS - promise this blog will be less about me and more about cake decorating as soon as I get started. Would hate to sound all!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your journey! Just saw where you posted on CC...Live my dream and share :D LOL!! Very happy for you and I will follow your blog keep us posted :D

  2. Thx Kayla, we should all be able to follow our dreams. Hope to share some great pearls

  3. Thank you for allowing us to share this journey with you. Best of luck !

  4. Thx Jamie, I'm hoping we all get something out of it