Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Art of La Génoise

My first official day at FCI and I'm all dressed up!
So the task at hand was to bake a Génoise cake; simple ingredients, not so simple technique! This delicate batter is a wink away from deflating if not treated with a gentle hand. So I managed to create a wonderful egg and sugar mixture with a beautiful pale yellow that reminded me of Easter eggs and baby blankets. But oh how quickly something so good can go so wrong. My first mistake was trying to fold to much flour in at once, thus having to manipulate more to break up the flour. My second mistake, well really a boo-boo that could have been avoided. When adding the butter/batter combination to my egg/sugar mixture i poured right in the center vs pouring down the edges of my mixing pan. As my batter deflated so did my heart. Nothing to do except pour in my baking pan and put in the oven to avoid any further "deflation".  How did it turn out? Well, better than I anticipated but not as good as it could or should have. The top had a marked slant vs a nice round top. I guess we'll be cutting that piece off! Tomorrow we'll be torting and filling so i'll let you know what I think of the taste.

Peace, love and cake!


  1. So excited for you to finally have started. I am looking forward to reading more of your experiences and following your progress.
    All the best.

  2. Thanks Regina, it's really Cake boot camp! how's your caking coming along? Any new projects?

  3. Hi Millie, I was busy until last weekend. Grand finale with an elaborate fall bouquet cake. Now I am on hiatus with orders.

    My husband and I will be traveling Thailand and other Asian countries for the next year. I will still keep baking, but more to feed the addiction ;) and to finally practice all the techniques I have been dying to try.

    But I will definitely keep following you from across the ocean.

  4. Wow, sounds exciting! Happy and safe travels Regina.
    Stay in touch!